Posted on July 27, 2010

On August 27th I will be moving to Paraguay for a year to conduct health research in indigenous communities in the Chaco region.  I will be sharing my progress and adventures in the field on this blog.  I’d like the blog to be accessible for a wide audience (not just other people who do what I do), so please email me (infectenthuse [at] gmail.com) with questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

To find out more about my research see the “About” page.  In brief, I’m studying the influence of ‘outsider’ groups (like the Mennonites and mestizos living in the Chaco) on the disease ecology of tuberculosis in indigenous communities.  Disease ecology is the study of the interactions between the behaviour and ecology of hosts (in this case, humans) with the biology of pathogens (in this case, Mycobacterium tuberculosis), and how these interactions lead to different disease patterns in populations.  I’ll be comparing two communities: one that is very remote and has limited contact with outsider groups and one that has regular contact with outsider groups.

Because one of my study communities is very remote, there may be long gaps between updates.  You can be notified when they do happen by subscribing via email or RSS feeds (see the column on the right to sign up).

I will also occasionally be twittering.  My twitter id is infectenthuse (you can see updates on the right).  I don’t really understand this twittering business; be patient with me.

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