Nivacle clips on YouTube

Posted on November 6, 2010

Finding information about the Nivacle can be a bit difficult, since there are various spellings (Nivacle vs. Nivakle) and they are sometimes called by names other indigenous groups use to describe them (Chulupi, Ashlushay) or confused with other indigenous groups.  I’ve searched through YouTube to see what I can find, and here are the best selections:

#1.  Archival footage of traditional Nivacle life with commentary (in Spanish).

#2.  A recording of a traditional Nivacle dance that took place on August 15th of this year.  I heard about this gathering when I was in one of my study communities – how lucky that I can find a copy of the dance on YouTube!

If you haven’t already checked it out, there’s also a ~28 minute mini-documentary about the Nivacle in Argentina by Fortunato Films available online.  My previous post gives a run-down of the content for non-Spanish speakers.

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