IDRC’s Ecosystem and Human Health Program

Posted on January 27, 2011

My colleagues at CEDIC are famous!  Dr. Antonieta Rojas de Arias and Dr. Miriam Rolon are featured in a video by the IDRC (International Development Research Centre) of Canada about the EcoHealth projects they funded in Latin America and the Caribbean.  CEDIC’s project investigates the vector for Chagas disease in the Paraguayan Chaco.

Description of the video on YouTube:

The initiative on Ecohealth Approaches to Communicable Diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean (CD LAC) funded a set of 7 research projects led by 9 multidisciplinary teams from different countries: Chagas in the Gran Chaco region (Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay); Chagas and Malaria in the Equatorial Amazon; Chagas in Guatemala; Malaria in Venezuelan Guayana; Malaria and rice cultivation in Peru; and Dengue in the city of Cali, Colombia. The initiative achieved innovative results and contributed to a better understanding of the transmission dynamics of malaria, dengue and Chagas disease in specific ecosystems, and to its application in intersectoral and participatory interventions.

IDRC’s Ecosystem and Human Health Program – Ecohealth – works with developing-country researchers to find solutions to human health problems rooted in ecosystem conditions.

The video is almost entirely in Spanish (except for a cameo by an IDRC representative who speaks in English) and without subtitles.  I imagine an English/French subtitled version will soon appear on the IDRC website – will let you know when I find it.  In the meantime:

You can view the video with Spanish, English, or French subtitles by clicking on the CC button on the video control bar – you may have to view the video on YouTube to use the CC button (thanks for pointing that out Nacho Seimanas!):