Ache protest for promised land

Posted on March 16, 2011

About 100 Ache came to Asuncion on Monday to protest for their promised land title.  They received a letter from the government a few years ago stating that they would begin the process of transferring the land to the Ache, but nothing has come from that letter.  In 2010 the government was saying they were going to subdivide the land between the Ache and another non-resident indigenous group.  I think the latest protest has been spurred on by logging taking place on the land in question.

They are picketing outside of the SEAM (Secretaria del Ambiente – the Secretariat for the Environment) building.  Here are some photos from when I stopped by on Monday morning:

Police keeping an eye on the protest


TV reporter interviewing Ache protesters


Protest sign “The Ache people need the title to their land”

I didn’t see the report that came out of the interview with the TV reporter, and the only other press coverage I’ve seen was this news article:

Indígenas aché acampan frente a Seam y piden transferencia de tierras ancestrales – (In Spanish)

I heard that the Ache leaders had meetings with people from SEAM and INDI (Instituto Paraguayo del Indigena – Indigenous Institute of Paraguay), but don’t know what came out of the meetings.