Posted on April 24, 2011

Here’s a quickie post to share some pictures I’ve been holding onto:


Baby bat

This is the baby bat that somehow-or-other got into the house last week.  I assume it was a baby because he didn’t seem to have flying down just yet, and his wings appeared unbroken.  He was a good climber though – this is him trying to climb the leg of one of the tables in the front room.

And these are my regular houseguests when I’m staying in the health post:

gecko vs. centipede

Gecko vs. Giant Centipede

One day after brushing my teeth I turned around to find what is possibly the World’s Largest Centipede had crawled out of the bathroom drain and was inches away from my feet.  He’s bothered by light, so as soon as I spotted him he took off to hide in the bathroom corner, where a gecko just happened to be hanging out.  There was an interesting showdown.  I expected the gecko to go after the centipede, but the gecko cowered in fear and the centipede went around him to try to get away from my flashlight.  The giant spider who lived in the closet appears to have moved out during a cleaning spree over the winter break, and these two have taken up residence.  I see them almost every night in some part or other of the room.

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