On the move

Posted on June 26, 2011

I’m heading back into the field again tomorrow.  I’m going to be on the move a lot during the entire month of July and will rarely be in contact.  I have some heavy duty surveying and sampling to do in both Integrationville and Isolationville, I’m dropping fecal samples off in Mariscal to be analyzed for parasites, and I’ve got a brief break in the middle of work in Asunción so I can re-supply.

I didn’t have enough internet time to set the blog up with automatic posts while I’m away, so you can expect silence around here for the next month.  But I will leave you with some photos from my last stint in the field:

Bridge troubles at dawn

Bridge troubles at dawn

I’m not sure if this is the bridge that collapsed, but this gaping hole would have been impossible to cross if the bus didn’t keep these planks handy.

Mobbing for a mugshot

Kids love photos. Whenever the camera comes out for more than 5 minutes, chaos ensues.

If I’m not working on research stuff, I cave to requests for photos from the kids. They like to see how the photo turns out right away on the digital camera.  The boys are often doing really goofy poses and trying to outdo each other.  The camera draws a crowd, so it gets harder and harder to fit all the kids in the photo.  I try to convince them to stand back far enough and let the little kids stand in front so that everyone can fit.  Usually it disintegrates into this kind of photo with everyone running towards the camera when I say “3”.  That’s about time to pack up and leave, because they turn into a mosh pit of pushing and shoving and giggles (and eventually, tears from the little ones) while they’re trying to view the digital photo all at the same time.  Aaaah, kids.


Snake neighbour

This snake lives in a hole at the base of the tree I empty my dirty water on.  I didn’t know he lived there, and just happened to catch him sunbathing one afternoon.  Now I think I will start watering another tree.  But I don’t think this little dude is dangerous.

Nivacle weaving

Nivacle weaving

This woman was weaving a bag when I visited her house, and graciously let me take a picture of her at work.  I haven’t seen anyone else using two long sticks like that to hold up their work before.  She’s got a nice set up to sit in her chair while she’s weaving.

And now, I’m off!  A friend gave me an amulet to ward off bad luck and protect me from the evil eye.  Hope it works!

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