Rounds with the Unidad de Salud Familiar (Family Health Unit)

Posted on March 23, 2012

Checking blood pressure

My last post has an awesome video produced by a USF in the Paraguayan Chaco.  They work in the area of the Chaco where my four new study communities are located.  Today I’m going to share some photos from a couple of days spent with another USF (the one responsible for my original two study communities).  I went with them on their rounds to three communities and they asked me to take lots of pictures so they could make their own video later.

Most of their time is spent checking the growth and development of young children (including handing out powdered milk to malnourished kids), giving vaccinations, and doing pre-natal care for pregnant women.  Now that the doctor has joined the USF they started offering family planning (which is something I have been immensely curious about, but have had a hard time asking about in the communities before now).  They also do walk-in consultations.  The facilities they have available to them vary by community, so they carry everything they need in the back of the truck and set up as best they can in whatever shade is available.


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