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An unexpected Easter vacation

May 5, 2011

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A friend of a friend, who owns an estancia in the Chaco, offered to take me out to Integrationville (where the cuasi was waiting in disrepair) and fix up the cuasi.  I spent the first day on the estancia with his family, who all live in the city but went out to the family farm […]

The monstrosity I ate today, and other things

February 2, 2011


I’ll start with the other things.  Firstly, I’ve been messing around with the blog a bit, nipping and tucking.  The biggest changes are: (1) I’ve added a contact form for people to reach me from the “About” page, and (2) I’ve added a page called “Useful Global Health Research Links”.  The latter is mostly for […]

Comida tipica

November 14, 2010


Paraguayan food is hearty.  It’s food that’s meant to fill you up.  And Paraguayans love their meat.  When I first visited Paraguay last year, I was a vegetarian.  Being a vegetarian is impossible* in Paraguay.  It’s not considered food if it doesn’t have meat in it.  So, since I’m an anthropologist and I eat what’s […]

Cultural Notes from Paraguay, Part 1 of 1000

September 30, 2010

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Paraguayans have tons of little traditions and customs – I can’t possibly document them all, but I’m going to start posting “Cultural Notes from Paraguay” to document the ones I learn about. Ñoqui on the 29th It is Paraguayan tradition to eat pasta (specifically, ñoqui) on the 29th of every month. You put money underneath […]