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On the Ache vs. the Ava Guarani

May 13, 2011

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I had an interesting conversation with a volunteer from an aid organization that works with indigenous peoples in Paraguay that I think is worth repeating here.  Recently the Ache were awarded the title to Finca 470, land the Paraguayan government had guaranteed for the Ache by signing international agreements.  (For the background on the Ache […]

A reply to Charles Kenny’s ‘Out of Eden’

April 28, 2011


I was busy doing other things, but this has been stewing with me all day and I have to respond: Out of Eden – By Charles Kenny | Foreign Policy I take issue with this article for two reasons: (1) the way the argument is presented, and (2) what it’s really arguing for. The central […]

Update on Ache land struggle

April 9, 2011


On Thursday (April 7th, 2011), the Paraguayan Senate approved the transfer of the finca 470 land to the Ache.  Finally!  The Ache had been in Asuncion for the previous 22 days protesting in front of the SEAM (Ministry of the Environment) office. For background on the land struggle: Dr. Magdalena Hurtado and Dr. Kim Hill, […]

Ache protest for promised land

March 16, 2011


About 100 Ache came to Asuncion on Monday to protest for their promised land title.  They received a letter from the government a few years ago stating that they would begin the process of transferring the land to the Ache, but nothing has come from that letter.  In 2010 the government was saying they were […]

Museum expedition and the uncontacted Ayoreo, again

November 15, 2010


The previous news articles I posted about the London Museum of Natural History expedition and the uncontacted Ayoreo tribes in the Dry Chaco tended to emphasize the protests of the indigenous rights groups and not balance it out with the LMNH side of the story. This article from the Telegraph is slightly more balanced, although […]

Conservation expedition a risk to uncontacted tribes?

November 11, 2010


People around town in Asunción have been talking about this situation this week, and now it’s hit BBC News: “Conservation expedition ‘poses risk to tribes’” Reuters: “UK museum urged to stay out of isolated Latam area” and the London Evening Standard: “Paraguay trip by scientists ‘could wipe out natives'” The London Museum of Natural History […]

Health Promotion & Leprosy

September 25, 2010


I spent the last couple of days at a workshop in the Km 81 Mennonite Hospital on health promotion and leprosy.  I assumed that the hospital was in the Chaco near Filadelfia, since it is owned and operated by Mennonites, but it’s actually just a couple hours drive east of Asunción.  (The Chaco is to […]