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Camping in Ybycu’i National Park

March 26, 2012

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I am still waiting for permission to start new data collection in the Chaco.  In the meantime I keep busy in Asunción by analyzing last year’s samples in the lab during the week, and I’ve been looking for fun things to do on weekends.  So I was really excited to be invited on the annual […]

Introduction to the new study communities

February 7, 2012


During the last year I was in Paraguay, I was working exclusively in two study communities.  Both were Nivacle communities, but one was more integrated with the outside world (it was accessible by public transportation and home to a church mission, hence I nicknamed it ‘Integrationville’), and one was more isolated and difficult to access […]

Puerto Abierto

June 23, 2011

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Sometimes I get out and do fun stuff when I’m in Asunción.  I recently moved into an apartment downtown with a great central location, and it’s a bit easier for me to go adventuring.  (Which is also why there was a big gap in my blogging: I don’t have internet in the apartment, so that […]

Hanging around Mariscal

October 10, 2010

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I’m still working on Phase I of the plan I described earlier.  I need a signature from a VIP before I can head out to the study communities, and that person is difficult to track down. In the meantime, I’ve been staying with the Doctors Without Borders team in Mariscal!  I think there’s about 11 […]

What’s a Chaco?

September 28, 2010

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I keep referring to this “Chaco” place but I have yet to properly introduce you to it.  The “Gran Chaco” is an ecoregion located in the heart of South America that extends into Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil.  It’s a semi-arid alluvial plain, meaning it’s hot, dry, and flat.  Less than 400mm of rain falls […]

Health Promotion & Leprosy

September 25, 2010


I spent the last couple of days at a workshop in the Km 81 Mennonite Hospital on health promotion and leprosy.  I assumed that the hospital was in the Chaco near Filadelfia, since it is owned and operated by Mennonites, but it’s actually just a couple hours drive east of Asunción.  (The Chaco is to […]

San Lorenzo

September 15, 2010


Yesterday I went to visit Meredith, my fellow Global Health grad student, at her field site in San Lorenzo.  (I mentioned Meredith earlier in my ‘Preparations‘ post.) San Lorenzo, a city contiguous with Asuncion, is known for the very large market in its city center.  The city has 50 barrios (residential areas) that sprawl out […]